Adventure Club Drops New Mix Series “Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 1” & Electric Zoo Phase 1 Lineup Released

So yesterday, Adventure Club posted the first volume in his new mix series,

Like I told my friend this morning,

aCBut really doe. To me, everything Adventure Club remixes/produces is absolute pure imaginative soul. However, I sucked up my courage and listened to the mix. What I really liked about it was that he mixed vocals, as an emerging DJ one of my rules of thumb is to NEVER EVER overlay vocals. But, Adventure Club proved to me that there is a classy way to lay two tracks with vocals together, so expect to be hearing some of that from me in my next few mixes. Although, I may be completely biased considering the fact that I’d love anything that Adventure Club dropped.

This was March 20, 2013, the Thursday before Ultra Weekend 2 at Mekka Nightclub for their Smog vs. Basshead event!

You know how sometimes, you just have those perfect evenings where everything just seems to come together perfectly?

It was like I had drank Felix Felicis before we left the hotel.

Maybe it was the atmosphere: we had just arrived into Miami a few hours before, reunited with our rave family (some who we hadn’t seen in almost a year!), and refreshed ourselves in the South Beach waters,

AND to top it off I was dressed as my main bitch Snow White that evening 🙂

So, we get to the club and literally within 5 minutes I had lost all of my friends. I had my eye on prize, going for gold, & I would not settle for anything less than front row center for Adventure Club.

Which is where I learned Raver Rule of Thumb #25 :

“If you REALLY want to see an artist (like front row), plan early and take MAYBE one buddy with you”

It is absolute nonsense to try to get to the front row with 10 of your closest friends, 30 minutes before a huge artist is about to come on.
Anyway, with that being said I decided to venture off on my own, and within 20 minutes I was front row watching Figure.

45 minutes went by, and finally I see Leighton get ready to go on!

After countless hours of listening to Adventure Club & mixing & loving their music to see them so close was the best feeling. I probably recorded 75% of that set.

But really, when am I ever gonna get this close again?
Anyway, Mekka was fantastic that night, there were glovers & each room had a different genre in it (ie. trap, house, dubstep)
And for me & my krew?
We arrived beautiful & left ugly.


That’s for sure.


Ultra 15 was a mega super blast, and the feelings that linger on will not be stifled.
Speaking of Music Festivals, Electric Zoo just released Phase 1 of their lineup :
And I could not be more sad that I am unable to attend this event. The lineup looks absolutely fantastic!!
Although, I will say that I’ve seen most of these DJs before, and I’m working on exploring events with diverse acts, and not just the same headliners we see at every event.

But, I think that Electric Zoo is going to be wild, to say the least.

If traveling from California to New York was as simple & cheap as teleporting, I would be there in a heartbeat. Maybe next year!
Well hope ya’ll have a positive day, remember that when there are storm clouds in your life, only you have the power to bring the sunshine.
(As in rains here in New Mexico)
😀 Namaste!


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